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If you haven't seen Jimmy Webb's version of this song you should check it out on You Tube.To me it explains a lot about his personality and makes the sentimentality in the song so much more believable.Then the final result of all the work, the cake, gets ruined by the rain, which symbolizes the storms of life that ruined his relationship.Also I think a lot of people get thrown by the 'striped pair of pants' line. He is just saying that the emotions were hot and powerful like being pressed in a hot iron like a pair of pants is pressed at the cleaners.

"f--k those guys in their stupid suits..." said Webb, "No self-respecting DJ will ever play this."Someone said they saw Glen Campbell touching himself to the song and was growling feverishly at the chance to meet Jimmy. I went to college one year with Jimmy's little brother Tommy. He had a basketball scholarship, I basically had no business being there, but that's another story. After the "Oh No" at the end, Jimmy apologized for not being able to hit the high E.Really remarkable this was a hit considering AM radio was strongly resistant to playing anything over 3 minutes before and after this song hit.I just watched the Jimmy Webb version of the song again.I listened to Richard Harris sing Mc Arthur Park in the late 60's that was part of an album with a mix of other music. Thank you Jimmy Webb, you are a great songwriter...I think we wore out that album playing it over and over and over at the highest level possible on the record player. Can anyone shed insight or share information regarding how Mr.

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