Sex chat playstation 3

You might ask yourself how he could spend that much and what he could spend it on.

Chris seemingly buys everything possible, from game content to movies to several episodes of terrible harem anime.

Despite being supposedly put on a strict budget by his father at the time (in order to pay down debts created by his earlier PSN spending), he still managed to spend around 0 or more a month.

According to the PSN profile for Sonichu, as of 29 January 2016, Chris has 3,724 trophies.

Being as irresponsible with money as he is, Chris went into overdrive with this feature of the PS3's online capabilities.

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Now, we're equally perplexed by the fact that Chris has only 75% of trophies in a bona-fide 3D Sonic title.

Comparing to the list of games he owns, there was a bunch of them that he hadn't even booted up a single time.

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