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we just can’t.” He said all of this while rubbing his erection through his pants. There I lay back on the bed.“Daddy, please fuck me now. ” As I spoke those words, I realized that I had in fact wanted to have sex with my father since I knew what sex was.

I grabbed him by the hand and led him to my old bedroom. I could feel his balls against the lower part of my pussy lips. I convulsed, my pussy clamping my father’s cock so hard he couldn’t even move.“Oh Daddy!

But it's like finding the perfect person but it's just too taboo to have it and it drives me nuts.

Previously there was a more equal share of bestiality lovers, forced sex and rape fantasises, real jailbait lovers, S&M fans and an assortment of other taboos.

I'm sure members can highlight many such inconsistencies like this. Even shemale or gays or cross dressing or whatever.

I wish the site (ie the moderators) would demonstrate a more open and free discussion of all taboo subjects that exist in sites like Literotica and I want to get clean. I just want to be satisified fucking one girl and be happy with that. It's like i'm a porn addict, but the issue is too taboo to discuss. I know its been a while since you’ve seen a nice set like mine. ” He was weakening, I saw him staring at the breast I was caressing. I lifted it out of the bra and began to pinch the nipple.

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Not quite as sure but based on the looks on their faces the last few seconds, I think there's some sibling action here too I guess there's gotta be some balance of excitement, family love, taboo-shame and erotic passion though, cuz while these bitches are clearly all sisters and they never once get The Look. incest, bi, cuckold, couples, fat, chubby, hairy, old, kinky, anything goes. ”“I’m playing with them now Daddy, rubbing my hard nipples for you.”“Oh God Jen!

After we calmed down he said, “Wow, we were talking about your father during sex.”“Yup,” was all I could say.

I felt very weird after the hormones stopped racing around. The whole time I couldn’t help but think about what I had said in bed.

Personally I'm kinda surprised at how often I see it, most often not labelled as incest... I can’t believe I had the nerve to go through with it.

and how much supposed incest porn looks fake as fuck. Well, here goes nothing…First let me say that my boyfriend and I were calling each other Mommy and Daddy all day.

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