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Edward's name was English in origin, linking him to the Anglo-Saxon saint Edward the Confessor, and was chosen by his father instead of the more traditional Norman and Castilian names selected for Edward's brothers: It is uncertain how well educated Edward was; there is little evidence for his ability to read and write, although his mother was keen that her other children were well educated, and Ferre was himself a relatively learned man for the period.In his letters, he shows a quirky sense of humour, joking about sending unsatisfactory animals to his friends, such as horses who disliked carrying their riders, or lazy hunting dogs too slow to catch rabbits.Unable to make progress in Scotland, Edward finally signed a truce with Robert.Opposition to the regime grew, and when Isabella was sent to France to negotiate a peace treaty in 1325, she turned against Edward and refused to return.

Caused by thunderstorms: Weather experts believe several thunderstorms on Clevedon Beach and another nearby created a tornado that could have swept up the seaweed, dumping it in Berkeley 20 miles away ‘If one of the funnel clouds touched down onto the beach, making it a tornado it could have quite possibly picked up the seaweed and other debris if the tide was out and then later dumped it down the road at Berkeley Heath.Many of these have focused on the possible sexual relationship between the two men.Edward's contemporaries criticised his performance as a king, noting his failures in Scotland and the oppressive regime of his later years, although 19th-century academics later argued that the growth of parliamentary institutions during his reign was a positive development for England over the longer term.On his return, Edward I signed a peace treaty, under which he took Philip's sister, Margaret, as his wife and agreed that Prince Edward would in due course marry Philip's daughter, Isabella, who was then only two years old.In the spring of 1301, the King declared Edward the Prince of Wales, granting him the earldom of Chester and lands across North Wales; he seems to have hoped that this would help pacify the region, and that it would give his son some financial independence.

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