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He was transferred to South Australia in 2004 to serve his sentence and in 2007 his 20-year non-parole period was increased to 25 years following an appeal by the NT Department of Public Prosecutions, but this was subsequently overturned by the High Court. Bakewell murdered Ms Culleton during a violent sexual assault in which he tied a bed sheet around her neck.

After realising he had killed her during the assault, he attempted to remove evidence by washing her body in a shower - Read More. Also served time in a South Australian jail for killing a man in a drunken pub brawl.

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He was sentenced to six months' jail, after which he will be released on probation for two years.

The Brisbane District Court was told the majority of the offences occurred in just a few hours on February 26, while the women were catching trains in Brisbane's north.

Prosecutor David Meredith said Bago approached and harassed women who were waiting on the station platform, trying to hug them and asking for drugs.

The man claims he was sexually abused weekly by his art teacher, convicted paedophile William Alexander Baine, between 19.

At the time the school was called Lyndale High School.

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