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“I would say this is probably fairly common,” Jeffrey Burrell, a Quincy police lieutenant, told reporters the day after the shooting.“This seems to be the way people drive now.” The rags-to-riches ascent of William O’Connell and younger brother Peter has become something of a South Shore legend.Bynarowicz, who stayed in the Jeep, watched as the driver of the Porsche also stepped out of his car. Within seconds, she later told police, she heard a popping sound and saw the Porsche speed away. Police arrived to find Fasano being treated by EMTs, Bynarowicz hysterical, and cocaine and a couple hundred dollars sitting on the floor of the Jeep. It didn’t take long for the cops to track down the driver of the Porsche. Auto Service just down the street captured the car leaving the scene of the shooting and heading in the direction of Marina Bay, less than two miles away.She got out of her Jeep, found Fasano lying in the street, and screamed. According to an incident report later filed in court, when police asked Fasano if the shooting had anything to do with the drugs and the cash, he remained silent. Security cameras in the garage at 2001 Marina Bay had filmed a dark Porsche pulling into space number 20, registered to Robert O’Connell, the 40-year-old nephew of William O’Connell.

Three days after the shooting, Robert turned himself in and gave police permission to search his car.

They came from modest means — their dad was a milkman and their mom worked nights at a factory — and bought their first piece of land in 1958 with 0 that Peter earned from selling newspapers at Quincy’s Fore River Shipyard.

In 1969, when William was 30 and Peter 26, the pair cofounded their development company.

At some point, the girl later told police, he called her over. He ejaculated on her shirt, which she later threw away.

He wanted her to have sex with Kookie while he watched. She was scared — mostly, she later told police, because this was not the plan she and Kookie had discussed, but also because he was so old. Then he put on his pants, walked to the bathroom, and returned with 0 in cash for each of them.

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