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Police followed up on tips that Skylar Neese may have traveled to North Carolina, but came up empty.

The FBI & the West Virginia State Police later joined the investigation, but the girls’ story would unravel.

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THIS is what the Court & prosecutor don’t want to get into, & this is why they didn’t even stipulate that Shelia was to explain & shed light on their motive before entering her guilty plea with the amazing perks of the “mercy” clause thrown in by default (compliments of the Supreme Court) once she was allowed to plead guilty to 2nd Degree Murder instead of 1st Degree Murder.

Ashdown said Shoaf changed her story, and said that they left Neese in a remote part of the county.

Ashdown said it was yet another lie, but showed a weakness in their story. On May 1, 2013 she pleaded guilty to second degree murder.

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