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Parts of Niagara falls have frozen as bitter cold weather has swept over most of the northern United States, leaving many areas looking like Narnia.More than 220 million people face below freezing temperatures on Friday, as temperatures are expected to drop further as the New Year's weekend continues.He has been charged with attempted aggravated battery on a pregnant woman and grand theft of a firearm.Wilson apparently put electrical devices to the top door lock and lower door handle so it would electrocute whoever tried to unlock it.A reporter from African American culture magazine The Root has sparked some controversy with a video detailing President Donald Trump's 'most racist moments of 2017'.Reporter Felice Leo appeared in a three-minute, 30-second video detailing the 45th president's first year in office.Malia is seen sporting black and orange gym shorts with a matching tank top as she carries an exercise mat through the studio, which also appears to serve as a shop. He once exhibited the skeleton of a ‘mermaid’ (a monkey sewn on to a fish carcass), claimed to have President George Washington’s 160-year-old nanny in his ensemble, and routinely exploited black people, the mentally and physically disabled, and deformed — including conjoined twins and a child with dwarfism — in the name of profit.Meanwhile, a video posted to social media shows Barack greeting locals and getting serenaded by them afterward. Pictured are some of his exhibits and Hugh Jackman playing him in The Greatest Showman, top left.

Another property, 1181 Sheridan Avenue, had 16 complaints and 46 violations between 20, a number of which were related to out-of-service elevators and falling debris.An attorney opened fire at a prominent law firm in Southern California Friday afternoon, killing one and injuring another before turning the gun on himself.The gunman, who hasn't yet been identified, shot dead Major A Langer, 75, pictured right, at Bixby Knolls Law office in Long Beach around 2.25pm.And though the conditions may be treacherous, gorgeous photos of places such as Niagara Falls show glittering frozen icicles and bright white snow piles almost make the arctic chill worth it.Wall Street capped 2017 with a loss, weighed down by a broad slide in light trading ahead of the New Year's holiday.

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    One thing we have been struck with has been the important role that dinner plays in the social (or not-so-social) lives of most older adults.

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