Sex for wheelchair users in qld

Today, Mamamia sits down with Wotton to ask about her interaction with clients’ parents, her work with older men, and why she found Helen Hunt’s portrayal of a sex surrogate in Q: You’ve said elsewhere that the role of a sex worker, in relation to some clients with disability, is about more than the act of sex itself. A: People so often have this myopic view of what sex workers do, and who we are and what we look like, hence one of the reasons why Scarlet Road was created- to really show the diverse nature of the sex industry, and the diverse nature of those who participate in the sex industry and our client base.The definition of disability is a very wide spectrum- so, someone with depression who hasn’t been touched for four years- [there’s an element of] ‘skin hunger’ there.So our role is to relax people and make them feel comfortable in a safe, warm, expressive environment.And [when Hunt’s character] walks in, she doesn’t even make contact with him, she just starts talking to him, she’s not at his same height- he’s in bed, he’s very nervous …Now I can show another sex worker where that’s stored; I can teach another sex worker about some very specific things that he may like, or how he’s using his eyes to direct me, what that means, and how to read that kind of communication.Q: You must get compared to Helen Hunt’s character in The Sessions a lot.There’s been a lot of people around the world who have seen the documentary and suddenly realised that they are sexual human beings and they do have rights…they just maybe need assistance with transfers from the bed to the wheelchair and vice versa, or someone to get the money from the ATM, or for transportation, to assist them to come to the right places.

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A: I’ve had some lovely older gentlemen whose lifelong partners have died, and they’re lonely.A: It’s certainly increased, and I think that’s just because there’s been media coverage and more people are discussing things.Scarlet Road has certainly broken the ice in a lot of families and a lot of organisations, and people’s sexuality is on the table.He says ‘your money’s on the table’ and she just basically verbally slaps him and says ‘I’m not a prostitute.’ She also talks over her shoulder to her client while she’s getting undressed.I just cringed at that, because this is a person who hasn’t lost his virginity, has never had any sensual contact with another human being, and she’s wrecking the undress thing!

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