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But nowadays they use daffodils to mark engagements, and their economy has never been better. In America, aspiring doctors do four years of undergrad in whatever area they want (I did Philosophy), then four more years of medical school, for a total of eight years post-high school education.In Ireland, aspiring doctors go straight from high school to medical school and finish after five years. The doctors in both countries are about equally good.Each year of higher education at a good school – let’s say an Ivy, doctors don’t study at Podunk Community College – costs about ,000.So American medical students are paying an extra 0,000 for…what?We took one look at that problem and said “You know, let’s make doctors pay an extra 0,000 for no reason.” And to paraphrase Dirkson, 0,000 here, 0,000 there, and pretty soon it adds up to real money.

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The price of tulips goes up, and up, and up; first dozens of guilders, then hundreds.

Ireland’s medical school is five years as opposed to America’s four because the Irish spend their first year teaching the basic sciences – biology, organic chemistry, physics, calculus.

When I applied to medical school in Ireland, they offered me an accelerated four year program on the grounds that I had surely gotten all of those in my American undergraduate work. I read some books about them over the summer and did just fine. Irishmen can do it in four, and achieve the same result.

Tulip-growers make a fortune, but everyone else is less pleased.

Suitors wishing to give a token of their love find themselves having to invest their entire life savings – with no guarantee that the woman will even say yes!

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