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Nothing has changed the world of online dating more than dating apps, especially for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transexual singles.

You can now fill out your profile and start searching for matches while you’re on the bus, waiting in line at the post office, or having drinks at the bar. It doesn’t matter if you want to make new friends, find someone to hook up with, or get into a serious relationship — these 12 dating apps are perfect for anyone within the LGBT community.

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Whether it's Grindr or OKCupid, each guy is asked to market themselves with an online profile.

Even the most gory of movies never show the most graphic scene on the DVD cover.

They leave something to mystery, plus they don't want to scare potential viewers away.

Elaborate on where your screen name originates or try giving a catchy intro into who you are as a person. The first example is likely to attracts a guy that's into travel like you are while the second shows your prospect that you are open to dating. You have a short amount of space to show your personality and call your dream guy to action.

"Travel buff looking for someone to help pack my bags" or "What's my ideal date? Now that your catchy screen name and headline attracted a guy, clinch the deal with your ad text.

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