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Back then, if you were worried about embarrassment at a bar, it was focused on telling one too many revealing stories to your fellow barflies.

It wasn’t about going “viral.” At least, not that kind of viral.

And then there is Pope Francis who acknowledges that, because divorce affects 25 percent of Catholics (many of whom have children).

A number of apps have appeared on the market that will safeguard you and your friends when you need it most. Say you’re having a back-and-forth gossip session about Betty, only to realize that in addition to texting something about Betty, you’ve also sent that very text her. App actually scans texts to protect you and your big mouth. If the app is activated, and you try to send a text message or dial, you’ll be asked to answer a series of simple equations correctly before the message can go through. Drunk Mode, i OS, 99 cents Drunk Mode doesn’t just block you from calling or texting someone.

Here are five apps to consider downloading before your next night on the town. App Drunk Text Blocker, Android, free This app is smart all the time so you don’t have to be. Drunk Lock, Android, free Click on Drunk Lock’s beer glass to turn it on or off. It actually hides all of that person’s contact information. App won’t physically stop you from calling someone, it can serve as a good reference point of the influence your drinks have had.

Many Catholics are getting annulment reforms to maintain their faith, even if they’re separated from their spouse.

Amongst all these stats, you have to remember that you are MORE than your parental status. But you are also an interesting, dynamic, layered, fun, playful, successful and sexy woman!

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