Simgirls dating simulator answers

By the end of day 4 you will have Strength capped at least for now - caps will simgirls dating simulator game walkthrough from to as the game goes on. Long story short, she'll wind up in jayco satellite hookup thinking she's your pet WTFLOL! Repeat one last time and Hopefully you'll be now able to ask her Birthday. Return to school, talk with Kotomi once more and give her another teddy. Once you go on a date your entire Energy is exhausted, no matter how much you had previously. Ask for her birthday, then finally take her on a date.Next, do the following: Talk with her and she might ask you some questions so better answer them, then give her more flowers. Talk with her and get extra credit for remembering the number. You are now Simgirls dating simulator game walkthrough Friends. Go to school East Wing Front Gate for a cute hidden event with Tomoko. You'll need to guess the correct weekday on which she's available has nothing to simgirls dating simulator game walkthrough with the game's calendar, just trivia.The better the date and the gift, the more relationship points you gain with the girl.To get an infinite supply of cash, you must wait until it is "Underwear Day" (when the girls ask you how much you think their underwear is worth) at school. When you are asked how much you would spend on their underwear, type the letter "o." This will buy the garment from them for free.If you manage to complete the game, you have successfully built a strong relationship with one of the girls.If you want to skip all the hard work and go straight to the ending video, enter "105783" as a password at the beginning of the game.

Relationship points will allow you to take the girls on more adventurous dates and allow you to become more amorous with her and eventually sleep with her.

Repeat this as many times as necessary to reach your goal.

Cash in the Sim Girls world allows you to take the girls on expensive dates and buy them more precious gifts.

Each time you go, it requires 60En and there are increasing requirements you need to meet in order to progress.

On Sundays, you have the option to visit your friend Ami and help her build a time machine.

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