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“They all shrieked when I walked in and scuttled to cover up. I didn’t really see anything, but I did tell them all they were 'so macho’, just to break the ice.To mark the Winter Olympics that begin on February 7, 12 celebrities will be coached in different sports, from speed skating to speed skiing, slalom to skeleton (lying face-down on a small sledge flying down an icy track).And Amy [Childs] and I have a laugh – she’s great fun to tease and whenever things get too taxing she always says it doesn’t matter as long we look good, and gives me a dab of lipgloss.” Sinitta’s own motivation for doing the show was to do something challenging for the new year.

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Celebrity First Dates was back on Thursday evening and it saw famous faces Sinitta, Roman Kemp and Matt Terry search for love. ‘It’s an ongoing battle, because someone keeps changing it – so we have to log on again and change it almost every day.’ While it’s not clear whether Sinitta was aware of the age blunder or whether it was down to the producers, we’re still none the wiser as to how old the star actually is…

And it’s so nice to see Simon happy – not lost exactly, but happy and bewildered now he’s going to be a father.

He’s got a few months to get used to that, because he hasn’t thought that way for 40 or 50 years.” Impending paternity has already had an effect on the X Factor creator, she says.

But while the show gave us serious feels, it was eighties pop star Sinitta who attracted the most attention as many viewers accused her of lying about her age.

They went bright red.” Before this starts sounding too surreal, Sinitta, Redgrave and Gough are currently all taking part in The Jump, a new Channel 4 reality show, described in the Radio Times as something even Alan Partridge couldn’t have made up.

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