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But it definitely is one of the best dramas out there. I feel nam jil has pure love for jin joo, always care and cherish her. there are already too many drama that ends with the divorced couple getting back again, heck no!

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When he met Kelley in the late 90’s he gave up his heavy drinking and carousing, and they settled down and had 3 kids.(The Italian-designed skull bottle is quite attractive.) He spends a few months every year making personal appearances at wine & spirits stores across the country to promote his vodka.Certainly he must be inspired by the success of George Clooney’s billion dollar Jamie Foxx was nowhere in sight when Katie Holmes and Suri, 11, took in a Knicks VS Oklahoma NBA game at Madison Square Garden in New York this weekend. The handsome actor gained a whole lot of weight and he has an unflattering hairstyle.The movie is now in post production but Christian can’t start losing the weight until they are certain there won’t be any reshoots.

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