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Billy Bob Thornton, a born outlaw if ever there was one, plays Willie Stokes, a piece-of-shit crook moonlighting as a mall Santa Claus, with his pint-sized, foul-mouthed partner Marcus as an attending elf.

Some rays of sunshine trickle into Willie’s dark, boozy world in the form of a horny bartender with a Saint Nick fetish (Lauren Graham of “Gilmore Girls”) and an overweight, underloved kid who frequently finds himself a target of bullies.

If it does not quite encompass Laurel & Hardy’s finest hour, the film is certainly one of their most imaginative and family-friendly efforts.

The two play Stannie and Ollie, two toymaker’s assistants who live in a shoe in Toyland who try to raise money to stop the evil Silas (Henry Kleinbach) from forcing Bow Peep (Florence Roberts) to marry him against his will.

The sequel to 1999’s “The Best Man,” directed like this film by Malcolm D.

“The Best Man Holiday” (2013) Grammatical nightmare of a title aside (is it mean to be Best Man-Holiday? ), “The Best Man Holiday” is a strong attempt at rebooting the “Family Stone”-esque tragicomedy with a more diverse cast than usual.It becomes weighed down a bit near the end, as terminal illness melodrama threatens to overwhelm proceedings, but on the whole, this is good enough to make us glad that a third movie in the trilogy is on the way next year.“A Christmas Story” (1983) Christmas movies become classics not necessarily on release, but often due to a time-honored tradition of endless TV repetition while you’re in a food coma.Of course, it also works because of the terrific performances by Willis, Alan Rickman and others, the immaculate direction by John Mc Tiernan, the terrific script, and more. “Elf” (2003) Nearly all of Will Ferrell’s characters seem possessed by a sort of indefinable mania. “I’m like a parent whose kid grows up to be president. The film sees the suicidal George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) shown how life would have been without him by his guardian angel Clarence.Sometimes it’s is hidden beneath a fairly normal veneer (“Old School”, “The Other Guys”), and other times it is not (“Step Brothers”). It’s less concerned with holiday trappings than many of the films on this list, but the Christmas setting feels utterly appropriate, both for the echoes of Charles Dickens and for its spirit of the power of family and community.

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