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JOURNAL OF THE ASIATIC SOCIETY OP BENGAL, EDITED BY TII£ SECRETARIES. But he adds,* the great danger to the boats was from the power of the current, and the huge stones hurled down thereby.

Arrian truly describes it as being more than a mile wide during the monsoon.

401 Daily Ei'gister of Temperature during a part of 1850, at Meerut in the Upj Il T Dooab. There is no reason why a Hindu should not pronounce Aluksundur. In comparing together the two great battles fought upon the Jelum, we are struck with certain resemblances.

We all know the ob- stinacy of Hindus in modifying the names of persons and places to suit their own palate. The Greeks born in the country and using the Hindi tongue much more generally than their own Greek, would find it more convenient to accommodate themselves to the ear of the people of the country, than to insist upon their own pronunciation of Greek names.

Alexander had wafted over in time for the action, about 14,000 men in all ; on foot 6,000, horse 5,000, archers and slingers 3000.

151,240, 66H Coins, found at Mohamadpur in the Jessorc district, Note on three ancient. Porus had, according to Arrian, 30,000 foot, 4,000 horse, chariots 300, and 200 elephants.

Even Alexander’s capital in Huzara is Sikun- durpoor, which is a translation of Alexandria.

) But however that be, we have the village Seem (quasi (njfia, the sepulchre). And finally we have the Hindi town Sookchynepoor (built upon the site of a town whose name is lost) the place of comfort and enjoyment where the army refreshed after the battle, celebrating the obsequies of the slain with ‘ chariot races and gymnasia. Pund6r and Pundora, quasi iravhuipa, (richly endowed,) so named perhaps from some Grecian woman. Higher up, and little more than eleven miles from the grand camp, upon the high bank of the river basin^ is the village Ahra, quasi dpd, prayer ; in this case addressed probably to the river gods or to Apollo, to whom he sacrificed* after the victory. The river channel under Ahra is recent and may not then have existed ; in which case, the island of Chunnee, and perhaps the small island beyond it, formed part of the Western bank ; the latter being the point of embarkation. There, on the * *Atpcx** T6 &Kpa Kal n v^ffos rov ixtyd Kov ffrpa Tovt Bov is rrevrii Kovra Kai (Karhr irradiovs, Arrian, v. 2 H 236 On the Sites of 'Nikaia and Boukephalon, [No. highest ground of the western bank, stands the old village Boonna, quasi )3(o/xo$, the altars, where women are ever on the watch to greet Sirdars with emvi KLa, or triumphal songs. But how few have united to those soldierly attri- butes, the princely generosity, the simple manners, the hardy habits, the good faith, the handsome sentiments of others, the truly gentle- manly spirit of the hero, which distinguished Alexander beyond almost every character of history, attached to him his soldiers, won the hearts of his enemies, and needed but more perfect light to have made him a model for the human race.* ♦ No excuse is here offered for Alexander's faults or crimes. Faao Ancient Gold Coins found near Benares in 1851, Memo, by Hit toe, Arclnrological Enquirer, on some, . ♦ , 80 Apparatus, (Description of a Clieap and Simple,) for distilling off tlie M\)rcury from an Amaigam of Gold or Silver. Many have united to Alexander’s courage, a skill little inferior to his, and have led troops equally hardy and equally disciplined to the conquest of foreign realms.

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