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04/10/2017: Yahoo says all 3 billion user accounts were hit by 2013 hack Yahoo announced on Tuesday that all three billion of its accounts were affected by a hack in 2013, tripling the number of victims of data breach already considered the largest in industry history.In December last year Yahoo publicly disclosed that more than one billion user accounts had been affected by a breach on their systems, leading to 0 million being wiped off the takeover deal by Verizon."Cybercrime is not only a grave threat to personal privacy and security, but causes great financial harm to individuals who are hacked and costs the world economy hundreds of billions of dollars every year." "With the assistance of our law enforcement partners in Canada, we were able to track down and apprehend a prolific criminal hacker who had sold his services to Russian government agents.

"The illegal hacking of private communications is a global problem that transcends political boundaries," said US attorney Brian Stretch, announcing the guilty plea.09/11/2017: Yahoo's ex-CEO blames Russia for 20 hacks The ex-CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, told a security hearing on Wednesday that Russia was behind the 20 cyber attacks.Mayer described how Yahoo reported that attack in late 2014 to law enforcement, including the FBI, and then worked with the authorities to expose the hackers behind the attacks.Basically anything so bad that the Suckiness Is Painful. A variant is for the villain to do torture that is so ridiculous and/or Faux Horrific it would never work, but everyone acts as if it would. Not to be confused with Unishment, when its the character who wants the punishment rather than the audience. Sue: I will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. And on some dark, cold night I will steal away into your home, and punch you in the face.And it's always fun when one character has such offbeat tastes that he or she the experience. For when someone merely threatens to do something like this, see Cut His Heart Out with a Spoon. When this involves sending somebody to a city, see Place Worse Than Death. Phoenix: Well that's not so bad, music does sooth the soul.

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