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The following tip was excerpted from Chapter 1, 'Migrating from ADO to ADO.NET,' of the book Expert One-on-one Visual Basic 2005 Database Programming by Roger Jennings, courtesy of Wiley Publishers.During the early part of VS 2005's long gestation period, these design-time objects collectively were called Data Components, Binding Source was called a Data Connector, and Binding Navigator was Data Navigator.

Data Sets have no corresponding ADODB object, but both classes of Data Sets behave similarly to disconnected Recordsets in the following ways: Use the following table of contents to navigate to the most important differences between Data Sets and disconnected Recordsets, then get methods for generating ADO. Parameters are optional for ADODB commands, but not for updatable Table Adapters, which have four standard commands— Select Command, Insert Command, Update Command, and Delete Command. NET objects with VS 2005 and SQL Server 2000 or 2005.

Click Test Connection to verify the Sql Connection object, as shown in Figure 1-6. Click OK to close the dialog and return to the Choose Your Data Connection page, which displays Server Name. Mark the Yes, Save the Connection As checkbox and accept the default Northwind Connection String as the connection string name. Click Next to open the Choose Your Database Objects page, which displays treeview Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, and table-returning Functions.

Expand the Tables node and mark the Customers table.

Learn why you shouldn’t get distracted by new DB technology, how Facebook is using a RDBMS to do the data slicing and dicing they can’t in Hadoop, and more. NET and typed Data Sets are the preferred method for retrieving and updating relational tables, although Data Sets aren't limited to processing relational data.

You create typed Data Sets, which are defined by an XML schema and implemented by a very large amount of auto-generated VB 2005 code, with VS 2005 designers.

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