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Under this law, officials of the Social Welfare Department assisted by the police, conduct raids to pick up beggars who they then try in special courts called ‘beggar courts’.If convicted, they are sent to certified institutions called ‘beggar homes’ also known as ‘Sewa Kutir’ for a period ranging from one to ten years for detention, training and employment.This is, among other reasons, so that lay people can gain religious merit by giving food, medicines, and other essential items to the monks.The monks seldom need to plead for food; in villages and towns throughout modern Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and other Buddhist countries, householders can often be found at dawn every morning streaming down the road to the local temple to give food to the monks.

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Besides money, they may also ask for food, drink, cigarettes or other small items.

Begging in Denmark is illegal under section 197 of the penal code.

Begging or letting a member of your household under 18 beg is illegal after being warned by the police and is punishable by 6 months in jail.

Ancient Greeks distinguished between the penes (Greek: ποινής, "active poor") and the ptochos (Greek: πτωχός, "passive poor").

The penes was somebody with a job, only not enough to make a living, while the ptochos depended on others entirely. The New Testament contains several references to Jesus' status as the savior of the ptochos, usually translated as "the poor", considered the most wretched portion of society.

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