Stop computer updating

Select it and now your computer will check for updates, but never download or install them without your permission.

If you want your Windows 10 computer to not even check for updates, there's a way for that as well, though we don't recommend you do this.

Regardless of why you want to delay or block Windows from automatically updating your computer, there are a couple of simple tricks that could do the job for you.(Also see: How to Disable Automatic App Updates on Windows 10)If you use Wi-Fi to access the Internet Interestingly, there is a simple option in Wi-Fi settings, which if enabled, stops your Windows 10 computer from downloading automatic updates.

To do that, search for Change Wi-Fi settings in Start Menu or Cortana.

One of the issues with the forced and automatic updates in Windows 10 is that - on occasion - a broken update will be included and fail to install.

When this happens, Windows will try to download and install it each time you shut down or start your PC.

You can tweak a setting in Group Policy Editor to make this option show up and prevent your Windows 10 computer from downloading automatic updates.

To open Group Policy Editor, go to Start Menu or Cortana and search for and press enter.

Then, you can click on Hide updates and you'll see a list of the updates which you can stop. It's best to use Google to try to find out which is the troublesome update rather than simply checking them all.Follow the instructions on the website to disable the problematic update.Using Group Policy Editor In Windows 10, the option to disable automatic updates is invisible by default.You install this like any other program after downloading it, by clicking on the downloaded file in your browser, or heading to your downloads folder and double-clicking it.The troubleshooter should start and show a welcome screen.

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