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However, this dating is at odds with later historical record, as well as the modern scientific research on the artifact. As a Catholic kid, we had prayerbookmarks of this image, of His face, that even in the 60s were very clear, and there exist full-sized reproductions of the photographs printed as positives, because I saw one myself, in India as it happens, in the 1980s.A variety of tests have been carried out on the shroud since scientists were first allowed to examine it in 1969, including physical examinations, chemical analyses, and radiocarbon dating. It is also occasionally possible to go to the church in Turin and see it for yourselves, and if it is not on display, one of these pictures I mentioned is there in its place.It was set in a chapel in the 17 It was these photographs which elevated the cloth from relic to sensation.The photos were not remarkable in and of themselves, until viewed in the reverse negative, whereupon a detailed image of a wounded, bearded man became clearly visible.Historical record can place the shroud in the late 1300s.Scholars debate its existence previous to 1390, describing the period before that as “very murky territory.” Even during the middle ages there was disagreement over authenticity of the cloth, with written claims at the time between church officials suggesting it was a forgery.

Their findings, based on a gamut of rigorous tests, were reported in 1981, stating: "We can conclude for now that the Shroud image is that of a real human form of a scourged, crucified man. The blood stains are composed of hemoglobin and also give a positive test for serum albumin. Or, zoom in for specific detail on any item or symbol. I’m new to AO so I missed the original discussion but I wonder why no one brought up older accounts of the shroud.The image is an ongoing mystery and until further chemical studies are made, perhaps by this group of scientists, or perhaps by some scientists in the future, the problem remains unsolved." Liz Leafloor is Editor Writer and Member Coordinator for Ancient Origins Having worked in news and online media for years Liz covers exciting and interesting topics like ancient myth history technology archaeological discoveries life and death and the unexplained Liz... Warning - GRAPHIC The only way the image could be made is with the exact match of the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo. The 4th century Christian writer Eusebius(of Caesarea) reported that he had read a letter written by King Abgar of Edessa (born between 4 BC and 13 AD to about 40 AD) that asked Jesus to come cure him of an illness.Abgar received a reply from Jesus, declining the invitation, but promising a future visit by one of his disciples.A poster advertising the 1898 exhibition of the shroud in Turin.Secondo Pia's photograph was taken a few weeks too late to be included in the poster.

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