Taeyang and park bom dating

Breaking ground would be if the main couple didn't end up together. everything was perfect except for the fact that there's love triangle btween father and son. i skipped all those part when si yoon and se young were having their romantic scenes. but that love rivalry between son and dad was totally unnecessary! Regarding his partner being young well at least she is not that young, she is 25, so is an adult not like the lead in the mirror of the witch. Which is good, because Ji Hoon will still be conceived. I never am haha~ Who else became really teary on the episode SPOILER ALERT: where Soondae harabeoji (I don't have korean on this keyboard smh) was told he had alzheimer's disease and was told he should practice remembering things and he started writing "my granddaughter Malsook" multiple times on a notebook?

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This is seriously one of my favorite dramas if not the best... Just everything together in this drama made it perfect! ;') I liked this even better than Goblin, which was my favorite KDrama this year.. Just wanted to write this to make justice for this heart warming drama. I even played Beautiful Beautiful at my wedding recently. I was watched a lot of movies, dramas, serials but the acting for me in here was too good. Everyone, please spread this amazing drama and make it big. Grandpa's story is touching and heartwarming, starting from the middle of the series TT i peronally think this drama has such a good plot, im starting to watch this drama because of the gooood OSTs and when i start to watch, i find this drama is soo attractive, what is so wrong with a relationship between dad and His son's friend? In 1 night and then I woke up I feel a mild migraine. No matter what the circumstances are, that's all around wrong! I personally like Ji Hoon with Hye Ri, not only because she's gorgeous but because they have so much more in common and seem like they could be really good for each other.

Ji-Hoon pretends to study for his civil service exam, but he actually spends his time as a trainee for top entertainment company Star Punch. but i am not happy about the ending :((( well maybe i am team Jihoon. after watching this drama i feel something deeper missing in my heart bec of the insufficiency of the details tho many drama is like that but they can fill atleast the questions hanging on your mind. And it have other good underlying messages too if u ignore the love triangle part. Please make it 50 episodes..it's too good to ending this early,make season 2 at least..i just can't watch another drama right now its too blaaaah.drama too ddabong!!! u know what im pretty lost cos in my country they air the episodes like on friday but they air 4 and they say this week the new episodes were the 25, 26, 27 and 28.

Meanwhile, Woo-Seung (Lee Se-Young) is Ji-Hoon’s friend and she has studied to become a civil servant for the past 3 years. But even though this drama is a fantasy, atleast the writer put some logic in it. but this, well...above all i still recommend this drama, don't be too serious like me haha just enjoy it :) One of the best drama in 2017. Cha Tae Hyun is still one of the best, still have the sparks I saw in Sassy Girl. try to watch it without so much thinking and just go with the flow in this drama,, don't try to make any sense of it,,,this drama is enjoyable,, super fun,,but when its time to cry,, you will!! if this drama have a different time slot just like regular drama did,, it would have higher rating for sure,,i watch it same time with fight my my,,, and i did think this one is better,,i like both of them tho,,, Highly Recommend!!! This show is honestly my favorite show I've ever seen, when I watched healer and wfkbj, I thought "Wow, am I ever gonna find a kdrama that I enjoy as much as I enjoyed this? Great casting members, belly-up family drama, what away for the writer to bring Hyung-Jae to the future kick Bo-Hee & her son to the curve, & have him to go for his son one-side love one. Who cares about their love triangle,is not gross at all.. anyway everyone is talking about the final and im so sad i feel like im gonna cry even if ddabong is doing nothing.

She's fine with MJ lol i dont understand why this good drama has such a low ratings .

in my opinion , this drama is way more better than any drama this year .

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