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The LWVUS Education Team recently launched a blog to promote the exchange of information on school reform. The site houses fact-based studies and posts with reference citations that contribute to a better understanding of different points of view about school choice issues. and USA TODAY examined some of his most controversial statements to get you the real story.According to a new Gallup poll, 2017's Most Admired Man is not President Donald Trump.REPUBLIC OF FLORIDA - WE DARE TO RESIST We are a white rights organization dedicated to a racially segregated Floridian homeland.We are actually all over Florida, But many of our members are in Tallahassee Florida and Tallahassee is where we want to lead and be the tip of the spear.

The Hotline allows other websites to post links to but claims no responsibility for the content and opinions expressed on those pages.

In an effort to support survivors in cases where abusive partners have access to firearms, the National Domestic Violence Hotline has developed a tip sheet with frequently asked questions to help survivors navigate their unique situations.

To view and download this tip sheet, click the button below.

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