Tanzania dating marriage

Daughters become cash cows, at the expense of a girl’s schooling and health.

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Here, in Mara, 55 per cent of girls are forced into marriages, although the actual figure is likely higher, masked by the remoteness of rural communities and by corrupt police and court officials ignoring cases in exchange for bribes.

The lure of lucrative dowries of livestock for impoverished parents perpetuates the inextricably linked practices of FGM and child marriage.

“Then the dowry I paid for you will be repaid.”Her husband is now in jail, but life is still hard for Mama Mary.

With three young children, her only income is from making charcoal which she sells in town for a dollar a bag.“They learn about computers and tailoring,” she says wistfully of the girls at the safe house.

MUGUMU, TANZANIA—The girls erupt from the roadside bushes, their brilliant shawls swirling behind them as they beeline for the idling car.

But the safe house has become a victim of its own success.

What began as a trickle of girls has rapidly turned into a flood.

Designed for 40 occupants, more than 160 girls like Dorika fled to Mugumu in December.

Five girls in Machochwe village died during last year’s cutting season — and those are just the reported deaths.

FGM has been illegal in Tanzania since 1998, but many tribespeople still believe the life-threatening procedure is a mandatory rite of passage into womanhood — and an indicator to men in the village the girl is now ready to get married.

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