The creek without a paddle dating ashley madison dating website

If you find yourself wanting to ask questions about your exclusivity or relationship status, well, don’t do it.The second the person thinks you are getting “clingy” then you’re heading up the creek without a paddle.The same can be said for organisations in the payments industry that are still relying on the waterfall approach to the software development lifecycle (SDLC).As a graduate of a computer science program in the 1980s I was schooled in, used and endorsed this particular SDLC.

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Do not go back or meet for a second time and you’ll never have to worry about ghosting issues.

As with most such sayings, there are multiple contenders for its origination.

My favorite source for this phrase refers to an expression used by sailors of the Royal Navy in the 19th century to describe being sent to the Naval Hospital near Portsmouth.

Access to the hospital was via a boat pulled by a rope up a creek from the estuary to the hospital.

As the hospital was an isolation unit in the times when few recovered from serious illness, being up that creek without a paddle had really negative connotations.

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