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Jonathan Knight, of New Kids on the Block, is half of one of the existing couples, with his longtime boyfriend Harley.For those of you who may not have been the right demographic for New Kids on the Block in their heyday, Jonathan was the quiet, sort of broody New Kid that all your pals at the slumber party overlooked in favor of Joey and Donnie, but you... And don't worry, CBS totally sprang for the rights to "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" so it could underscore every scene #Team New Kid is in, and I'm sure that's never going to get old.It all started with Isabelle wanting to update Dennis' wardrobe by purging his outdated items.She would sell most of it online but then she also realized that she could wear some of them too-- so long as she revamped and styled them a bit.We've also got professional wrestlers Brooke Adams and Robbie E. Even if Maya and Amy don't claim the top spot, their Twitter hashtag #Sweet Scientists is the most inspired of the bunch, standing head and shoulders above the ones belonging to the other teams.Strauss, and Keith Tollefson and Whitney Duncan, who are apparently famous for appearing on Survivor: South Pacific, even though they didn't win. The opponents' offerings range from banal (Misti and Jim are #The Dentists) to bland (Dennis and Isabelle are #The Dating Couple) to just plain awkward (Shelley and Nici are #Mom Daughter).Thankfully, Lisa and Michelle came in last, which means they'll have to pack up the 12 pounds of makeup they claimed to have brought along.

The last time a Madison team appeared on the show (Dave and Rachel Brown back in 2012), they won, so I'm banking on Maya and Amy to follow in their footsteps.

CBS dubbed Dennis Hour and Isabelle Du as #The Dating Couple on the 25th season of The Amazing Race.

It was a dream come true for them to be on the show as they had tried out THREE times for it before making it.

By default, all men’s shirts are tunic on women but it’s balanced out by the felinity of the cropped outerwear.

Slink on some noir booties and leggings - like these clawed up ones - and you’re ready to pounce on any ‘ol prey. ON BOTH Merona long sleeve striped burgundy shirt (from Target!

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