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Separately, study participants were asked about behavioural control, which included elements of parenting that involve not letting children get their own way: for example, not always allowing them to go out as often as they would like.

No links with psychological wellbeing were observed in relation to this kind of parenting.

When the kids reach adulthood, they will establish their own independent nuclear habitations.

We tend to see any deviation from that pattern as an unfortunate aberration, whether it’s the cohabitation of elderly grandparents who can no longer live independently or young-adult children experiencing a “failure to launch,” stuck in the basement.

” But is living in a household with grandparents, parents and kids really so terrible?

Those sentiments flow from the peculiar history of postwar America, when nuclear-family households became the norm in spite of, well, everything.

Throughout the 20th century, several scholars claimed that nuclear households had been the historical standard, pre-dating postwar America.

And historical data suggests that the wholly independent nuclear-family household may be the aberration — that patterns of close familial support are the more natural arrangement.

Why are we so down on a practice that has been so common?

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