Tips for dating a girl with a kid

I am going into this with the intentions of marrying her and spending the rest of my life with her. How can you turn an awkward first date with the man of your dreams into the relationship you’ve dreamed of? i honestly love this girl, and she is actually talking about marriage with me (yes as crazy as that sounds) and i actually would not hesitate to marry her at all as long as she didn't have a kid. Dont feel guilty about your feelings though man, completely normal.

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You have every right to be bothered about it, technically you're gonna possibly put a lot of effort and energy into helping to raise a kid thats not genetically yours which from an evolutional perspective is bad news for you.

Ever noticed how some people complain about sooo much, never do anything about it .. - ME If money is the root of all evil, why do churches want it so badly? late at night when im talking to my girl and she mentions that the father called to say goodnight or when she mentions anything about the kid its not that i feel ugly.. i love her and all but i dunno if i can deal with a kid that's not my own. She's a really great girl and shes worth getting over my feelings about the real father. Make the necessary changes and try to be happy again.

If I'm insulting you I'm trying to help make you a better person in the end. she always reassures me though so that's a plus but i have no idea bro. it did at my first, especially when dealing with the real father (hes 20 i believe) but we've talked about it (me and her) and i feel alot more comfortable now.

can't imagine feeling this way for any other girl ever. Im dating a 37 year old with two 7 year old twins, and a 19 year old daughter...all good and her kids think im a good guy.

i KNOW it's gonna ruin my relationship and we're gonna end up breaking up and kills me inside. He never treated me any different than my sisters (his children through my mom) and never withheld is care for my brother and I. I know how hard it can be (second wife had two children from a previous marriage, who still call me daddy). i WISH i could but i can't imagine finding a more beautiful or cooler girl though so i have no choice but to marry.

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