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Once these dynamics of Spirit and Nature are recognized, is it any wonder that issues of gender play a pivotal role throughout the entire realm of humanity?And given the premise of trans-gender, that gender expression can occur independently of biological sex, it's quite understandable that transgendered people would be wrestling within this culturally imposed conflict in very personal and profound ways.

Please let us all be united and understand each other, for the future of our children is in our hands.The Earth is alive: rocks, waters, clouds, volcanoes, and all flora and fauna--not to mention the Cosmos of stars and planets.Goddess, in Wicca and elsewhere, is not separate from the world, nor does she rule over the world--she is the world, as Spirit manifest. A contemporary Anasazi Pueblo leader (related to Hopi, the oldest culture in the Americas) says it this way: I see a need for my people and for all human beings because of the way things are today, to go back in time and bring back respect for one another.In fact, up until somewhat recently in human history (about 5,000 years ago), a spirit of Goddess prevailed in most cultures. Rather, there was a sense of balance and partnership without hierarchies of power, or the need to resort to armed conflict.In her book, The Chalice and the Blade, Riane Eisler explains how the subjugation of the Feminine is directly linked with the exploitation and ruin of Nature, and warfare is resorted to as the only definitive method of ultimate resolution -- first forced, then enforced.

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