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The rooftop terrace gives an excellent view across the other rooftops, and the courtyards themselves are shady and pleasant spots to sit and taste some mint tea.The capital of Tunisia and its chief business and cultural centre.With the annexation of Tunisia by the Ottoman Empire, the center of power shifted from Tunis to Istanbul.This shift in power allowed the local government of the new Ottoman Province to gain more independence, which was maintained until the institution of the French Protectorate (which was later seen as occupation).

Gammarth is close to the capital Tunis with its World Heritage Medina and can offer some superb dining experiences.

The history of Tunisia reveals this rich past where different successive Mediterranean cultures had a strong presence.

After the Carthaginian Republic, the Roman Empire came and left a lasting effect on the land with various monuments and cities such the El-Jem Amphitheater and the archaeological site of the ancient city of Carthage, which is classified as a world heritage site.

The distinctive and very collectable blue and white pottery can be bought all over Tunisia but Nabeul offers one of the widest selections.

Nabeul plays every friday host to a so-called Camel Market which seems to draw considerably more tourists than it does camels - a good opportunity for shopping and hunting for bargains.

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