Ubuntu updating bios

These instructions are for installing Ubuntu on the Lenovo laptops via USB and our local mirror.

While working though this guide you will be without internet access at several points.

Hi guys, I own an XPS 9350 (Developer Edition) that came with Ubuntu preinstalled.

I had a successful run of the fwupdmgr on that Ubuntu install to update my BIOS to 1.4.17. UEFI firmware update failed: libfwup.c:1094 get_fd_and_media_path(): open of /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/fw/fwupdate-u CVn R8failed: No such file or directory /boot/efi ├── 66677d48997b41adae1c8fa70f078b2e │ ├── 4.11.10-300.fc26.x86_64 │ └── 4.11.11-300.fc26.x86_64 ├── EFI │ ├── BOOT │ │ ├── BOOTX64.

It might also be a good idea for you to request that IAIT update your BIOS to the latest revision.

Please contact your supplier or our distributors/resellers for further remedy in case system crashes unfortunately because of BIOS flash failure.

If you’re closer to the latter, then you agree that servers can actually be pretty fun. You can either press 1 to start the auto-updating process or just wait 10 seconds for it to do it on it’s own. You’ll see below that it skips over firmwares that are not applicable to my server and then update my PERC H710 Mini Controller firmware. Once it’s finished, you’ll need to press Enter to restart.

You’ll also probably agree that updating all of the firmware/drivers/etc. Even more so if it’s been neglected and everything is severely in need of an update. NOTE: If your BIOS needed an update, you’ll probably come across a similar screen below once your server is back up after restarting.

I've since wiped the laptop and installed Fedora 26 on it. EFI │ │ └── │ ├── Dell │ │ └── logs │ │ └── diags_│ └── fedora │ ├── BOOT.

Running get-updates XPS 13 9350 System Firmware has firmware updates: ID: uefi33773727.firmware GUID: 33773727-8ee7-4d81-9fa0-57e8d889e1fa Update Version: Update Remote ID: lvfs Update Checksum: SHA1(4bd36e439f854416f4716f3a5ab75166d8c408f1) Update Location: https://secure-lvfs.rhcloud.com/downloads/01be31ce4749ea73bcd3bf6405b117f7da4d77f6-firmware_XPS_9350_Bios_1.4.18XPS 13 9350 System Firmware... CSV │ ├── fonts │ │ └── unicode.pf2 │ ├── fw │ ├── fwupx64│ ├── gcdx64│ ├── │ ├── grubenv │ ├── grubx64│ ├── Mok │ ├── │ └── ├── mach_kernel └── System └── Library └── Core Services └── System Version.plist 13 directories, 15 filessupported Version: Version Lowest: Created: 2017-08-09 Integrated Webcam HD Device ID: usb: Guid: 4ec19583-c132-5c27-a9cf-061419e838dc Guid: 6b31e6e6-ba7c-5251-8f4c-7f2571612251 Plugin: usb Flags: none Device Vendor Id: USB:0x0C45 Version: 86.38 Created: 2017-08-09 HD Graphics 520 Device ID: ro__sys_devices_pci0000_00_0000_00_02_0 Guid: a3361e1f-f523-5cfc-ad68-e20d0f792003 Plugin: udev Flags: internal Device Vendor: Intel Corporation Device Vendor Id: PCI:0x8086 Created: 2017-08-09 the Dell XPS 13 9350 Update Version: 0 Filename Cab: Update Hash: SHA1(4bd36e439f854416f4716f3a5ab75166d8c408f1) License: proprietary Size: 11.0 MB Update Uri: https://secure-lvfs.rhcloud.com/downloads/01be31ce4749ea73bcd3bf6405b117f7da4d77f6-firmware_XPS_9350_Bios_1.4.18Url Homepage: Vendor: Dell Inc.

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