Updating backtrack 3 kernel

Find much more information here: https://github.com/offensive-securit...nethunter/wiki The answer to all your questions, generally the answer is YES, IT CAN DO THAT.Most ROMs should be supported, as our installer uses a dynamic patching method on your current boot image!The generic Net Hunter installer will automatically install Super SU. If you already have Super SU or another root method installed, please simply delete the from the root of the zip file before installing it.** If modifying the installer zip, you will have to disable ZIP signature verification as modifications will break it.

We did not want to jeopardize the awesome wireless capabilities of BT3 for the sake of sexiness or slightly increased hardware compatibilities. Tools As usual, updated, sharpened, SVN’ed and armed to the teeth.For the apps, chroot, and everything other than just the kernel, you will also need to download: nethunter-generic-arm64-* The Kali Net Hunter installer requires write access to your data partition!You should back everything up first before installing Kali Net Hunter.DEVICE RECOMMENDATIONS The One Plus 3/3T internal wireless does not support monitor mode.This means you'll need to use an OTG adapter and a wireless card that does.

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