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I had lots of trouble locating the ACPI driver that worked on this model so I decided to post it on the web.

ACPI Driver for EEEPC 900 (Zip File) To use this driver for Windows Vista and Windows 7 you will need to change the setup program to compatibility mode of Windows XP SP3 or SP2.

I have looking to upgrade my BIOS on my 1000H eeepc.

I have read several tutorials but none of them seem to make any sense to me.

ASUS BIOS Update Utility EEEPC 900 Series (Zip File) This update utility will also work in Windows Vista and Windows 7 but you will need to run this also in compatibility mode XP SP3 or SP2.

We are flashing the 1000HE because the newer BIOS firmware has added support for Windows 7 features.

I am a linux noob and it already took me 3 months to get the wireless working and to get the system to were I want it, mostly. The operating system is not important when it comes to BIOS updates, but this option will give you a list of all drivers for your PC and your OS, so you can download them as well if you need any.

Needless to say, plug in the power adapter, you definitely dont want to lose power while upgrading BIOS.

Plug in the USB drive or an external CD/DVD drive with a disk containing 1000. When you see the Eee PC setup screen (grey) that prompts you to press F2 if you want to enter setup, press Alt F2.

The setup will scan any attached storage devices for the .

It supposed to last about 2 hrs, but in my case it lasted no more than an hour with the wlan turned on.

While searching through forums, asking around and taking wild guesses, I decided to install linux on it, since it was supposed to treat batteries better.

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