Updating knotty pine

Yes: You have permission to love the knotty pine in your home, without apology. So take your shoes off, pull up a chair, and let’s learn all about the knotty, together, right here on this friendly little website. Above: That’s Betty Crafter in her gorgeous knotty pine kitchen, respectfully restored.

My basement studio was covered with yellow-y brown knotty pine paneling.

Check around for drips, smooth with a sponge brush. …No the real question is : do really feel that using a spray gun made things easier than roll and brush : after all the most difficult part in painting is cleaning before and moving stuff back were it belong after…What do you think ? I see that you wanted to make it brighter for a working space by painting it white, but I think this is nice warm paneling not dark and dingy.

Place two fans in the room and let it dry for a day. I had to do the same in my basement, but it wasn't pine. Now we had some dark thin cheapy wood panels on the walls (half way up) of our old house when we moved there.

A soft wood, pine is easier to refinish and stain than many hardwood cabinets, giving you a wide range of options for adding color as well as decorative and architectural elements.His room looks much better with pine walls, and yours looks better white. My son just got a house that has a dark dingy pannelled bedroom in the basement It's not exactly attractive. Bio: Furniture, fabric, architecture, building, painting. I specialize in upholstery design, restyling, repurposing and writing all about upholstery. We had an absolute cave in the basement of a house we owned and it was completely transformed by doing what you did. Make sure to wear a protective face mask or ventilator when working with pine and chemical solvents so you don’t damage your lungs.You can produce numerous modern effects through faux finishing techniques.

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