Updating magellan 3100

When you done, if you truely promise to act on your kindness, then use the password all small cap below.

POI, nevertheless.) Unfortunately, it will NOT work for other Magellan model. You don't have to show me any proof that you donate, just act from your heart.

No matter what your shipping needs, Walmart's got you covered.

the published 6 million POI update on the web, though a big pain in the arse to download and extract, actually works! also, the instructions allow for easy update to a POCKET PC if you know what you are doing! Magellan has farmed everything out to India and they no NOTHING .

Seems like the newest maps for Magellan Maestro 31/2009 versions. On the Magellan site, the newest maps for the Maestro 3100 are listed as 2008/2009 updates. While googling around, I saw several references to converting existing map data to the magellan format (ie: garmin - magellan) While I'm no pro, I think not offering map updates is cruel to your customer (are you listening magellan) My brother has the Maestro 3100 - Its worked fine for him, and he has no requirements or special needs to force him to upgrade or change hardware.

Is it possible to convert the 2011 garmin map file to be used on a Magellen Maestro 3100??????? He recently was travelling on a new highway that was NOT part of his aging maps (2007 I think), and was going to buy a map upgrade.

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Just don't expect to find any instructions for loading the POIs with the CD.

I have two old ones and still find them very useful.

There are times when you have to THINK a little bit though !!

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Peter I talked at pm 1/7/08 to Id 10062 Sasha from tech support who Peter transferred me over to gave me a new customer service number to call 1-800-699-4477 I called and found out was a sex talk line wow !!!!!!! I didn't even get a chance to thank her when I called back and was on hold for 1/2 hr and gave up!

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