Updating opensuse with zypper

Zypper update is a safe and reliable way to update any Open SUSE or SUSE Enterprise Linux system, without worrying about major version changes.

To see a list of all available updates use zypper luzypper lu Loading repository data… S | Repository | Name | Current Version | Available Version | Arch – ———————— ——————— —————– ——————- ——- v | Main Update Repository | gimp | 2.8.18-1.4 | 2.8.18-2.3.1 | x86_64 v | Main Update Repository | gimp-help-browser | 2.8.18-1.4 | 2.8.18-2.3.1 | x86_64 v | Main Update Repository | gimp-lang | 2.8.18-1.4 | 2.8.18-2.3.1 | noarch v | Main Update Repository | gimp-plugins-python | 2.8.18-1.4 | 2.8.18-2.3.1 | x86_64 v | Main Update Repository | libgimp-2_0-0 | 2.8.18-1.4 | 2.8.18-2.3.1 | x86_64 v | Main Update Repository | libgimpui-2_0-0 | 2.8.18-1.4 | 2.8.18-2.3.1 | x86_64For most users this is all you will probably ever need to know about keeping your Open SUSE system updated.

Then zypper might find an update for say came from (say Suse update), it will only install an update from that Suse repository.

But before the update it will tell you that it also found a gstreamer update in the Packman repository, but won't be using it.

In particular, I will try to explain the difference between a simple update and a patch, with emphasis on how to gather detailed information on particular patches.

updating opensuse with zypper-31updating opensuse with zypper-87

In this case, we see the cve number, the name of the patch (open SUSE-2017-462), its category (security), the severity (moderate), whether or not the patch is needed, and a quick summary (Security update for gimp).

However, if you want to ensure that you have a stable and undisturbed desktop experience, there is certainly nothing wrong with limiting your updates to patches.

One of the great things about working with patches is the vast amount of information that is available for them that can be accessed straight from the command line.

These non-security issues were fixed:– bsc#1025717: Prefer lcms2 over lcms1 if both are available – bgo#593576: Preven crash in PDF Import filter when importing large image PDF or specifying high resolution Provides : patch:open SUSE-2017-462 = 1 Conflicts : [36] gimp.i586 A released patch conflicts with the affected/vulnerable versions of a collection of packages.

As long as any of these affected/vulnerable versions are installed, the conflict triggers and the patch is classified as needed, optional or as unwanted if the patch is locked.” In proper context the conflict is a trigger to let us and the system know that an updated package is available to fix the vulnerability.

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