Updating sap kernel

Scale-out configurations with SAP HANA workloads are not yet supported.

For SAP HANA high availability in cases of scale-up configurations, see High availability of SAP HANA on Azure virtual machines (VMs).

This guide helps you set up a single-instance SAP HANA on Azure virtual machines (VMs) when you install SAP Net Weaver 7.5 and SAP HANA 1.0 SP12 manually.

The focus of this guide is on deploying SAP HANA on Azure. At this time, Azure VMs are certified by SAP for SAP HANA scale-up configurations only.

This section lists the key steps for a manual, single-instance SAP HANA installation when you use SAP HDBLCM to perform a distributed SAP Net Weaver 7.5 installation.

Azure VMs support only a subset of these operating systems.

For example, you could use this command: to test the update without actually updating the system.

The root file system in a Linux VM on Azure has a size limitation.

If you haven't already, register the OS deployment with your Linux subscription from the Linux vendor.

Note that SUSE has OS images for SAP applications that already include services and which are registered automatically.

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