Updating the path environment variable java

This avoids the overhead of creating a new driver each time, which can be significant when working with a real browser. Spock, JUnit) automatically clear the browser cookies for the current domain at appropriate times such as after each test. object that is roughly analogous to a j Query object.It is analogous in that it represents one or more elements on the page and can be used to refine the matched content or query the matched content.Wherever possible, you should strive to use the no-arg constructor and manage Geb through the inbuilt configuration mechanism as it offers a great deal of flexibility and separates your configuration from your code.Care must be taken with slashes when specifying both the base URL and the relative URL as trailing and leading slashes have significant meaning.Page Objects can be thought of as facing in two directions simultaneously.Facing towards the developer of a test, they represent the services offered by a particular page.If the page class defines an “at checker” then it will be verified when the page is set on the browser.

All of the page instances passed in must have an “at” checker defined otherwise an method that takes a single page type or instance verifies that the the browser ends up at the given page.

The configuration mechanism allows you to externalise how Geb should operate, which means you can use the same suite of Geb code or tests with different browsers or site instances.

The chapter on configuration contains more details on how to manage the configuration parameters and what they are.

Amongst the services that it offers are typically the ability to compose a new email, to choose to read a single email, and to list the subject lines of the emails in the inbox.

How these are implemented shouldn’t matter to the test.

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