Updating wow to bc

At this level, two points in Exposed Weakness are no longer needed, nor is the Glyph of Explosive Shot.Exposed Weakness may be reduced with 1 talent point, and the Glyph of Steady Shot can replace the Glyph of Explosive Shot.After the initial pull, resume the regular priority.Lock and Load is a proc that causes your next two Explosive Shots to have no cooldown and cost zero mana.You’ll lose some personal DPS over using a wolf, but it will benefit the raid more.

The primary difference with this build is that it contains 3/3 Improved Stings.

I wrote an extensive article on this subject a few months back.

In the article I recommend simply waiting .5 seconds in between each Explosive Shot, rather than casting another shot. However, the reason I recommend the aforementioned method is because it is foolproof.

The wolf is the best choice for a raiding pet due to the Furious Howl ability. These are how the primary DPS stats rank for Survival Hunters… Once the hit capped has been reached either via gear, talents, or a combination of both, agility is the stat Survival Hunters should be most concerned with.

If your raid doesn’t have a Sunder or Faerie Fire available, then you could be a nice guy and bring a Wasp for its Sting ability. It is strongly advised to always gem and enchant for agility over raw attack power wherever possible.

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