Valentines gifts for newly dating

So get over how ridiculous the day is and listen up: Any guy can make a reservation at a nice restaurant.

V-Day is not just about love, but about your specific love (or like, if you’re not quite there with your S. That means you need to tailor the date to what is right for your relationship—both the unique experiences you’ve had together as well as how committed you are to one another (there is most certainly a difference between “I like you but we just met” dates and “I will love you forever” dates). Chill—we’ve polled an arsenal of dating and relationship experts to give you over two dozen creative date ideas.

Start whipping up breakfast and then call her so she can wake up surprised by the romance of it all.

Have her present sitting on her plate so she has something to unwrap while you finish cooking.

And aim for more of a sensual castle than a “boys only” fortress. “Take a hike, draw a candlelit bath, make love in front of a fireplace—quality time together is always appreciated,” she adds. Take her on a date to a private dance lesson like Tango, Ballroom, Salsa, or Bachata, suggests Lorraine.

If a romantic dinner isn’t her thing, sign up for an escape experience (like Escape the Room).

If downhill sports aren’t your thing, try cross country skiing or even build a snowman, she adds—anything that lets you have fun in the snow (and gives you an excuse to cozy up afterward). “Surprise her by cooking a romantic dinner at home, but make something you wouldn’t normally cook, such as lobster or fondue,” suggests Lorraine.

Create the whole romantic restaurant atmosphere: Light candles, play music, and have a specialty drink or cocktail.

Plus, dancing brings your bodies close together and can be great sensual foreplay,” she adds. Book the dance class for Saturday and pretend like that is your big V-Day present.

Come Sunday, whisk her off to a salsa or tango club, Lorraine suggests.

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