Validating email stories

If there are no empty fields then the following code validates the first name by calling the static method Match of the Regex class, passing both the string to validate and the Regular Expression as arguments. This object contains a Success property that indicates whether a method Match's first argument matches the pattern specified by the Regular Expression in the second argument.If the value of Success is false (i.e., there was no match) then display an error message and set the focus back to the first Name Text Box so that the user can retype the input and terminate the event handler.Once you create the User Profile table make sure to add an ADO.NET Entity Data Model to the project so that you get the User Profile entity class as shown above.This would be at the sprint planning meeting or when the team starts coding this particular story.The details the team capture before coding go into two places: 1.

Regular Expression Regular Expressions are specially formatted strings for specifying patterns in text.NET MVC application that makes use of these attributes for data validation. NET MVC project and select the Empty project template.Then add a new SQL Server database named User Db to the App_Data folder and create a table - User Profile.A very common use case of a custom validator is to check wether the form matches the sanitization rules of the server, this means the validator checks if the characters your user puts into your form are allowed. All of the above attributes also allow you to specify an error message that is displayed in the event of an error.

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