Vanessa james yannick bonheur dating

At the same moment, she revealed her intention to adopt French citizenship in order to participate in the Olympics with Yannick, dashing the hopes of the British federation, who had hoped for a British participation at the Games.

Before the pair began competing internationally in 2008, Vanessa’s twin sister Melyssa James, also a figure skating champion in the U.

A real world citizen, born in Congo Brazzaville and currently living in France, Natacha has also lived in Cuba, Zimbabwe, Congo and England.

She considers herself at home wherever there is great food, music, Wi Fi and, of course, people to write about.

In fact, veteran couple Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo, skated together for 17 years before taking home a gold medal at the Vancouver games. Despite having already represented France at various international competitions, Canadian-born Vanessa, whose parents are English, needed a French passport to be able to represent France at the Olympics.

After two years of legal proceedings, and with the intervention of the National Commission of elite sport, Vanessa’s French passport was issued only a few days before Christmas.

They have become role models for young Black skaters. And according to Yannick, they “want to push pair skating for Black people because there aren’t many”.

But for the arrival of his current partner, Vanessa James, Yannick’s career could have come to a screeching halt after his former partner, Marylin Pla, retired from figure skating in 2007. A week later, I moved to France," says the pretty skater. 10 days later, despite the language barrier - Vanessa did not speak a word of French -, the couple showed up at an amateur gala in Courchevel.The selection of the couple was confirmed on February 1, just fifteen days before the Vancouver Olympics.The 28 year old Martinique-island-born Yannick Bonheur is not new on the French sports landscape.At the World Team Trophy they placed 5th, bringing eight points to the France team which came fourth at the end of the competition behind the United States, Canada and Japan. They have so far taken part in the French championship, the European Championship, and the Vancouver Olympics, placing first, 7th and 14th, respectively.Behind the pair’s youthful smiles lies a ferocious will to take on some of the toughest challenges.

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