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For example, “grave” is slow and solemn, “andante” is at a walking pace, and “allegro” is fast, quickly and brightly.

In his writings, Bede struggled with the two common ways of referring to dates at that time.

Bede turned to the anno domini dating method that had been devised by Dionysius Exiguus in 525.

Bede’s writings of circa 730 were extremely influential and helped popularize the the “anno domini” method.

In Australia, male kangaroos are known by several names including bucks, boomers, jacks or old men. There seems to be just the one name for young kangaroos, i.e. A group of kangaroos might be called a mob, troop or court.

In the art movement known as Cubism, objects which are the subject of a painting are broken up and reassembled in an abstract form.

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