Verizon updating roaming capabilities

*228: This is the number that offers of your Verizon phone to ensure you have the latest roaming information on your Verizon i Phone, making it easier to place calls on Verizon’s roaming network (which you’ll probably run into in some rural areas).

In addition, I’ve also been told domestic data roaming is available at no extra charge, so that’s an additional benefit I see with being a Verizon i Phone customer (AT&T has limited on domestic data roaming).

On the Verizon (CDMA) i Phone, Call Waiting is disabled by dialing *70 plus the number you are dialing.

This is to be done one wishes to disable Call Waiting.

First thing’s first: Porting Your Number Over to Verizon The first question I get asked quite a bit from people interested in switching to Verizon is if their number can easily be ported over to Verizon from their existing carrier. I was able to successfully port both of my existing AT&T numbers over to Verizon, and the move went extremely easy.

In addition, the following settings and features are not available on the Verzon (CDMA) i Phone: * Enabling a SIM PIN (due to the fact that the Verizon i Phone doesn’t use SIM Cards) * Importing SIM contacts (due to the fact that the Verizon i Phone doesn’t use SIM Cards) * Selecting a carrier network or editing an APN i Phone Applications Every Verizon i Phone Customer Should Download Here’s a list of i Phone applications every Verizon i Phone customer should download upon receiving their Verizon i Phone.These phone numbers offer everything from customer service to carrier upgrades to checking usage: *611: This is the phone number for .This handles everything from technical support to changing plans and features to account customer service.When something’s amiss, or if you simply need to add more minutes to your plan, this is usually the number you’ll call.1-800-922-0204: This is the number for when dialing the number.

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