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But Alexis stirs and holds out the baby bottle still containing some green potion and tells her daddy it is really yummy and he should try some....

Belle is working late into the night while Alexis sleeps.

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Wendy knows in her heart that Alexis is still just her little girl and is nowhere near adult enough to survive without her mommy's care.Alexis is confused about what her mommy is asking but then is willing to give it a try.She drinks it and finds she is feeling like an adult baby Wendy suggests to Alexis she would look really nice in pigtails and Alexis readily agrees.But it has been a big day and mother and grown up daughter, both now adult fall asleep.About an hour later Wendy's husband and Alexis father comes home from work and is so confused to find his wife and daughter looking for all the world like two asleep in the old nursery.

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