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Wayne Cochran will be remembered for the hairstyle he sported during his incarnation as a soul singer – a platinum blond pompadour that towered several inches above his head – as much as for the music he created, or the work as an evangelical preacher to which he devoted the second half of his life.

Cochran, who has died aged 78 after suffering from cancer, was a showman in the mould of one of the rockers he cited as an inspiration, Little Richard.

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Like Little Richard, and another role model, Otis Redding, Cochran was born in Georgia, at Thomaston, site of a battle in the American Civil War.There may be several viewers watching and chatting at once - without the personal interaction and chat available during a private show - but it comes at a much reduced price.This is a great choice if you aren't really interested in private chat, and just want to see some live girls perform!Very impressive site - check it out and see for yourself.. You are sure to love some of the live girls available..

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