West sound speed dating

I met with a series of "gentlemen" that I quickly determined were Bunko artists (I wasn't the least bit naïve even prior to turning eighteen) before I came across someone who was legitimate -- Johan Baxter, a principal at Halcyon Matrimonial Company.

Even though Johan looked squirrely, with beady little eyes, everything that he told me rang true because he didn't try and sugarcoat things.

He suggested correspondence with several gentlemen who were subscribers to his service for several months rather than just going on the basis of advertisements.

Hard to believe that some men posted phony descriptions of themselves or sent phony photographs or drawings of themselves to Halcyon.

Therefore on my eighteenth birthday I resolved to make my way out West. I didn't have much money of my own, and my parents didn't trust me to handle their money.

I was supposed to find a proper city boy to marry and take care of me -- so it was difficult to make it to the prairie. There was a distinct shortage of marriage-worthy women out West (though apparently no shortage of Calico queens) so there was great demand.

Since I had an aunt Rebecca, everyone called me Becca or Ann, never by my full first name.

When I was eighteen I had had enough of the constraints of proper society.

Therefore unless someone is inquisitive enough to look up more than century-old records from small towns in the Western U. no one will ever find her real name, or that of her kids.

I use the language of the times in this story -- the language my GGG used, although I have significantly abridged her story, and elaborated on some of the sex details.

I'm not sure that other members of my family would be excited that I'm writing about my GGG's life on literotica, but since none of them even know that I'm on this site, and since none of them bothered to read up to the point that will interest literotica users, they'll never know.

Plus, I've changed my GGG's name, geographical locations, and other details (although all of the other names are real the best that I can determine) including her age at the start of the story (to comply with literotica requirements).

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