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Last night, the project administrator, Mr Alan Mc Hattie, said: ''He did a lot of good work for us and only a few days ago was sending out letters on behalf of the appeal.'' In another incident, Lord Hugh caught a thief and made a citizen's arrest while a psychiatric patient in the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.The thief, Alexander Mc Killop, had been befriended by Lord Hugh in hospital after he had asked the aristocrat for a couple of fivers.One cannot give oneself totally and completely while withholding one's fertility. Gibbs, the early Church Fathers of the Patristic Age did indeed teach that the marital act was solely for procreation and that spouses should intend children when they engaged in intercourse. Augustine taught that marriage and sexual intercourse were for procreation.

Lady Sheilagh, a textile sales representative, was back at work two days later.

The unitive meaning is distorted if the procreative meaning is rejected because love, by its nature, is life-giving.

Thus, contraception actually diminishes conjugal love. Likewise, the procreative meaning is tainted if the unitive is not fully present (i.e., if someone were to view his or her spouse as simply a way to produce offspring, such as with artificial reproduction techniques).

THEY SAY: In Time magazine's May 3, 2010 cover story, "The Pill at 50: Sex, Freedom, and Paradox," Nancy Gibbs writes that religions opposed contraception because "sex, even within marriage, was immoral unless aimed at having a baby." Does the Church teach that the marital act should only be valued for reproduction?

THE FACTS: The Catholic Church does believe that the procreation is an essential element of the marital act.

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