What to ask a woman while dating

But here’s a tip, because I am trying to help you guys out here.

So save yourself the risk of rejection and don’t mention sex until you’ve met.

I’ve heard more tales than I can count of guys who either quote ex-girlfriends on their dating profiles or worse, screenshot explicit sexting conversations and post them as photos.

I even once heard of a guy who sent a girl a picture of his penis with someone else’s lips around the top of it — I kid you not.

You can’t expect a chat to develop into something good if all it consists of is ‘How was your weekend? Right now, what she mostly wants to know is: are you a nice guy, and would you be fun on a date?

If all you do is talk about yourself, and how amazing you are, you will immediately come across as a narcissistic, smug, self-absorbed idiot. So, by all means, tell her a bit about yourself, but be humble. Especially don’t brag about your sexual prowess It’s astounding how many men are under the ridiculous delusion that boasting about what previous partners have said about them will impress a potential date.

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